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The Regeneration Academy consists of a diverse group of enthusiastic and driven professionals. Our team integrates people from local and international backgrounds with a shared ambition and passion; enabling the regeneration of our landscapes, economies and communities by educating the practitioners of the future working in farming and sustainable food production.


Sanne kruijT

Sanne has an interdisciplinary background in Environmental Sciences, Ecology and Sustainable Business. Sanne has previously worked at CommonlandWide Open Agriculture and as a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. She has worked with farmers, agribusiness, governments and NGO's in the Netherlands, Asia and Australia. At the Regeneration Academy Sanne develops local and international educational programs and partnerships.

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Alfonso Chico de Guzman

Alfonso is an experienced regenerative farmer and one of the primary partners of the Regeneration Academy. He has been the manager at La Junquera farm (33km2) for 5 years and is vice -president of AlVeLal. Through Commonland he is connected to Spanish and international research institutes on agro-ecological farming. Alfonso is closely involved in all of our programs and research projects. All research regarding La Junquera is directly related to a current need on the farm.



yanniek schoonhoven

Yanniek holds a master degree in Environmental Sciences and has worked with farmers throughout Southern Spain for over 2 years as part of Commonlandand AlVelAl. She also worked for AIESEC, an international youth leadership program that creates opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges around the world. At the Regeneration Academy Yanniek is our liaison with Spanish universities and businesses and one of our experienced trainers. 


bertus tulleners

With an interdisciplinary background in Biology, Human Geography and Industrial Ecology Bertus has over 10 years experience in CR and sustainable business. He is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur, university lecturer and partner at TheRockGroup. Bertus has a global network, with working experience in a range of countries. At the Regeneration Academy, Bertus is focussing on developing a program for entrepreneurs and young professionals. 


Jacobo Monereo

Jacobo has an MBA in agribusiness and has more than 7 years of experience in the development of businesses in diverse companies like Microsoft, Cawley Farms, Biostevera and Aldi, offering a global and interdisciplinary business vision. He is responsible the Entrepreneurship program as well as the implementation of a business program for students who wish to develop a sustainable business in rural areas. Besides that he mobilizes and activates the future rural generations.


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