Our story


The Regeneration Academy is a young ambitious organization that works on the transition towards regenerative agriculture and entrepreneurship. Our ambition is to further grow the ecosystem of regenerative agricultural initiatives. Our range of activities and programs encompasses working with all stakeholders we belief necessary to create positive change.

Our activities include working with:

  • Young professionals, students and entrepreneurs

  • Rural communities

  • Universities, institutes and organizations connected to regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration

The Regeneration Academy offers a transdisciplinary learning environment for those people and organizations who want to co-create the future of farming and food. For us regenerative agriculture and land use is an essential part of our future food system. As this field is still in the pioneering phase, we need to gather as many insights in practice as possible and capacitate the next regenerative agriculture practitioners. Only then can we implement regenerative practices on a large scale.

We see education as one of the main leverage points to make this happen. 

Regenerative organic agriculture improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them. It is a holistic systems approach to agriculture that encourages continual on- farm innovation for environmental, social, economic and spiritual wellbeing.
— Rodale Institute