Our Mission:

Use education as a tool to regenerate the land

We give young entrepreneurs AND STUDENTS the tools to become innovators in the fields of regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration.


The Regeneration Academy is more than an Academy.


We provide students, researchers and professionals with training and guidance to have an impact on the land. We help farmers and agribusinesses to transform to sustainable practices.

However it moves beyond that. In the current activities:

  • It is located on La Junquera; an example of a traditional farm that is fully committed to turn into a regenerative farm. The activities of the Regeneration Academy contribute directly to the improvement of practices by utilising knowledge to enable direct practical innovation

  • It brings together stakeholders to facilitate knowledge and best-practice exchange and forge new cooperations


Our Programs


For Students

The Regenerative Agriculture Research Program is  a program for students who would like to combine their thesis/internship with an on farm learning opportunity on regenerative agriculture.

Apply now for our program starting in March 2020!


for entrepreneurs

Our Rural Entrepreneurship course aims to support starting local entrepreneurs in taking the next essential steps in making their regenerative business more viable.


For Universities & organizations

We offer 1 or multi-day learning journeys for schools, universities and companies. During the learning journey we offer you the opportunity to join us for a guided walk on the farm and participate in one of our reforestation and conservation projects on the farm.


News & updates




The Regeneration Academy is located on the organic farm of La Junquera, the province of Murcia, southern Spain. 

For a long time now, Spain has seen its lands degraded as intensive farming and overgrazing have caused large-scale degradation. Conventional farming practices are causing many problems in the region which is already one of the poorer regions in Europe. 

La Junquera is an organic farm and village that is being transformed into a beacon of regenerative agriculture in Southern Spain. The 1100 hectare farm of La Junquera and the Regeneration Academy coexist in symbioses: the farm facilitates land and infrastructure, while the Regeneration Academy helps the farm make better decisions on restoring landscape, biodiversity and sustainable profit.