Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship

Together with the Triodos Foundation the Regeneration Academy offers a select number of scholarships for students wanting to participate in the Regenerative Agriculture Research Program. The Regeneration Academy is very selective and is intended for talented students who are highly motivated to pursue their thesis project or internship at the Regeneration Academy.


Level and duration of the scholarship

The Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship will be used to cover your tuition fee of € 2800. The scholarship covers the fees for participating in the Regenerative Agriculture Research Program, including accommodation and local transport costs for a 4 month period.

Note: if you are eligible for an Erasmus grant the Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship covers only the remaining tuition fee.

Eligibility requirements

You will only be eligible to obtain a Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship if you:

  1. Are a student with a passport from a Mediterranean country

  2. Can attend the full 4-month program

  3. Are a proactive and independent student

  4. Are either a 3rd year BSc or MSc student

  5. Have a minimum of Spanish A2 level (or commit to having this level at the start of the program)

  6. Have a sufficient level of English (spoken language in the program)

  7. Are a student with a relevant field of study

  8. Can find your own supervisor within their university


You must have completed and submitted your application before 1 July 2019 via

The faculty selects the grant recipients. You will be informed about the final decision by the Regeneration Academy with respect to your application for a Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship before mid-July 2019 (date subject to change).

These scholarships are made possible by the Triodos Foundation

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Selection criteria

From the eligible candidates the Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship holders will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Talent: this means that you must have outstanding study results in your present field of study

  2. You are expected to be a promising student in your desired field of study

  3. Proven pro active attitude and being able to work independent through past experience (academic & non-academic)

  4. Quality of your latest individual research

  5. Motivation: based on your motivation letter for the program

Application procedure and documents required

You apply for a Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship by indicating during your application for admission that you wish to apply for a Scholarship. In your normal application you include your:

  1. CV

  2. Bachelor thesis/latest individual research project

  3. Proof of Spanish & English level/commitment to learning

  4. Motivation including research field/topic preference & explanation what triggered you to participate

More information

For more information about the scholarship program, contact us via