Regenerative Agriculture Research Program


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The Regenerative Agriculture Research Program offers positions to students who are committed to make a change in the way we approach agriculture through their thesis work or internship, while at the same time develop their professional and academic skills.


The Regenerative Agriculture Research Program offers a 4 month research and training program for students who:

  • Would like to combine their thesis/internship with an on farm learning opportunity on regenerative agriculture. Most universities offer ECTS for doing an internship or thesis project;

  • Are interested in adding value with their research in practice;

  • Would like to work on challenges that will make farms take the next essential steps towards restoring an ecosystem in Southern Spain;

  • Would like to work next to other motivated students from different disciplines and learn together;

  • Would like to start building a professional international network;

  • Would like to learn skills that matter in their personal and professional life while doing their research.

During the Regenerative Agriculture Research Program you will spend most of your time on your research project. However, you will also participate in a wide variety of research sessions, workshops, lectures and assignments to help you with your research project and to prepare you for life after university. During the program you will:

  • Develop your own research project related to your field of study and connected to a current need on the farm. This research project can be your thesis or (research) internship;

  • Participate in farm and restoration work on La Junquera for one day a week. The work and projects will be related to a monthly theme that connects to the activities on the farm that month (crop management, soil management, water management and nature & biodiversity managament);

  • Participate in guest lectures and visits to other regenerative farms in the area. These lectures will focus on regenerative practices and research and will connect you to local stakeholders and experts in the field of regenerative agriculture;

  • Engage in intense workshops and training sessions focussed on capacity training. We focus on different skills that will help you with you project (e.g. project planning, listening, collaboration skills, business model thinking, system thinking etc.) and your personal and professional development.


Murcia, Spain


March 8th 2020 - June 26th 2020

Apply before October 15th 2019

For who

Thesis and internship students



(incl. accommodation, office

local transport, workshops & guidance)


Erasmus for EU students

Full scholarships available

for Mediterranean students

Admission & Conditions

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My research project at La Junquera made me experience the reality of regenerative farming and gave me the opportunity to contribute to the next steps on the farm.
— Arno Foppe, research student