Research and Projects

2019 - 2020 

We are a learning farm and are constantly working on experiments, research and projects to make our farm and the natural areas more diverse and resilient. Below you can find an overview of the topics we currently work on.

We co-create our research with students and the farm, which means that this list will be updated throughout the year and is depending on the urgency and relevance on the farm and preference of the students.


Animal care

holistic grazing (with cows, pigs, horses and chickens), care for animals, chicken tractor design, spatial planning


Natural areas

restoration plan and/or implementation, reforestation, care of natural areas, wild aromatics harvest, seed bank development

water management

swales (trenches), sediment traps, effect of ponds on pollinators



tea, beer and wine making, development of farm food products, vegetable processing, market research

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costs and benefits analysis of regenerative agricultural practices, development of 4Returns business plan for new products, market research, plan for farm shop, GIS mapping


social studies

governance, monitoring of farm projects, subsidies, communication plan


biking and hiking route development, gastronomy, farm visits

Crop management

intercropping, ground cover management, soil monitoring, climate adapting crops, pollinators, vegetable garden