Katharina Burholt

Student Environmental Engineering at University of Hamburg

Project description

I research an irrigation method called “Keyline” which was firstly implemented by an Australian farmer. With this method the water from precipitation, which is falling on the field, is diverted almost parallel to the contour lines and in this way enables the water to flow from the wet valleys to the dry ridges and to the areas that should be irrigated. By increasing the waterway from the falling point till the water way in the valley, rainwater is slowed down and causes less erosion to the soil. In fact, it is expected that the organic matter layer of the soil is even building up after only a short time period which would lead to a higher infiltration rate into the soil and therefore makes water accessible to the plants for a longer time. It in a nutshell the soil properties will increase for farming and the costs for irrigation can be decreased per area.

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Keyline-Poster .png