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development of farm food products

New projects:

  1. Design and research the feasibility of a new product that could come from the farm

  2. Design and implement a whole year round vegetable garden. On La Junquera we have a vegetable garden of half a hectare. We want to have a rotating cropping system for this irrigated garden that gives vegetables the whole year round for the inhabitants of La Junquera and possibly for sale. The garden should provide a large variety of vegetables and be at the same time easy to manage by making use of perennial crops. 

  3. Create a recipe and brew a beer from locally produced ingredients, that can be served to tourists and visitors of La Junquera. This summer several ruins will be rebuilt at La Junquera, of which one is going to be an Inn. Here visitors can enjoy rural life, nature and local gastronomy. Alongside traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients, a nice beverage should not be lacking. An exclusive beer, prepared with ingredients from the farm is yet to be developed. 

market research

New projects:

  1. Market research on processed vegetables

  2. Market research on tea made from wild herbs in natural zones

  3. Market research on beer produces from wheat grown at La Junquera

  4. Market research focussed on locally produced wine