Farm Learning Journeys

We offer 1 or multi-day learning journeys for schools, universities and companies. During the learning journey we offer you the opportunity to join us for a guided walk on the farm and participate in one of our reforestation and conservation projects on the farm.

  • Rejuvenate rural regions

  • Transform to regenerative agriculture

  • Enhance biodiversity and protect ecosystem services

  • Move to a healthy food system

through learning journeys on the farm We aim to Engage students, rural communities and organizations to embrace the potential of regenerative agriculture as a way to:

Learning journeys consist of two components:


learn about regenerative farming

Walk, cycle and drive around the farm visiting the various regenerative agriculture projects (swales, ponds, sediment traps, crop diversification, hedges and borders etc.)


contribute to Restoration projects

Participate in restoration projects on the 1100 hectare farm and learn by doing. Get your hands dirty and bring the learned knowledge into practice.



Previous learning journeys were organized in cooperation with: