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biking and hiking route development

New projects:

  1. Conduct a market research to possibilities for ecotourism on La Junqura. There are many opportunities for ecotourism on La Junquera (hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, gastronomy, bird watching), but is there a market? And for what activities is there a market? 


New projects:

  1. How can farms effectively work together with chefs in the area? What can La Junquera Fram offer in terms of gastronomy?

on farm learning & farm visit design

New projects:

  1. Develop an ecotourism strategy for La Junquera for future guest of the Inn. Soon La Junquera will be renovating part of the village. What is now still a ruin will this summer be turned into an Inn, so tourists and visitors can spend the night in order to experience everything the farm has to offer, like local gastronomy, astonishing nature, horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking, hiking and and rural life. An ecotourism strategy is yet to be developed; What is the target group? How to reach them? What facilities should be established in order to improve the experience?