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cost benefits analysis of regenerative agricultural practices

New projects:

  1. Cost benefit analysis on swales

  2. Cost benefit analysis on intercropping

  3. Cost benefit analysis compost

development of 4Returns business plan for new products

New projects:

  1. Farm shop

  2. Beer

  3. Tea

  4. Wine

market research

New projects:

  1. Analyse climate smart/resilient solutions or business cases for a regenerative farm in Southern Spain (taking into account future climate conditions). Climate change is a topic often mentioned by farmers when it comes to their drying lands, even if, at times this has more to do with management practices. Farmers in the South of Spain have difficulty creating livelihoods based only on farming, often they rely on subsidies or extra jobs. Finding smart solutions/business cases and diversify farms is one of the key elements in becoming more resilient and work with the changing climate conditions, hereby looking at opportunities in the value chain, tourism, etc.

  2. Analyse the potential of harvesting wild aromatic herbs