Animal management


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Care for animals & grazing MANAGEMENT

Current research & projects:

  1. In the autumn of 2018 we started a research project on holistic grazing and the effects on soil quality. Holistic grazing is a way of grazing in which the cattle eats on different pastures of the farm throughout the year. Students have been working on designing a system that is both efficient and best for the soil and developing a monitoring plan. It is expected that rainwater will infiltrate better and the soil will become more fertile, which results in a more diverse vegetation.

New projects:

  1. How can livestock be used to restore agricultural and/or natural zonesin the South of Spain? The region of the Altiplano in the South of Spain knows a long history of extensive grazing both on agricultural land as in the mountainous areas. This research can be about analysing new and other ways of grazing (managed grazing e.g.) that can benefit natural or agricultural areas (e.g. fertility).

  2. Develop a chicken tractor business and build a chicken tractor that can function on La Junquera in a holistic grazing system for egg and meat production. On La Junquera there are many places where chickens could graze some part of the year. Examples of grazing places for chicken are; on ground cover strips, in a holistic grazing system with horses, cows and pigs, under a solar panel farm and many other places. On La Junquera we want to strat a chicken meat and egg business with a chicken tractor. This business has to be developed and implemented.

  3. Taking care of the animals, stables and pastures at La Junquera. Chickens, horses, cows and pigs are important inhabitants of La Junquera that need to be taken care of. Holistic grazing is currently being investigated by the Academy at a 10 ha plot. The implementation and improvement of a rotation system with cows, pigs and chickens is currently needed. How to make such a system work at the farm? And what is the effect on the soil quality? How could the animal stables and pastures be structured in such a way that all animals can be hosted properly?

spatial planning & GIS MAPPING